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Hi, I'm Calebria Webb

The Cardi B of classical music marching to the beat of my own drum in this industry. 

I’m a classical mezzo-soprano vocalist born, raised, and residing in Detroit. 

As an urban black woman from Detroit singing classical music with a concrete-look, it’s no secret there’s not many of us, so diversity, inclusion, equity, and liberation are incredibly important to me and it’s why I’m rooted in using my voice to change the world & disrupt the industry.

A 5-star performance with grace, precision, and class

I’m for you if you are a patron of the arts. For lovers of the city of Detroit, who know that great talent is nurtured here. For those who value true liberation through the arts, and who love to see black women in unconventional careers #werk.

My love for music is a cumulation of experiences that shaped me. 
It all started with a Fisher-Price microphone where I began singing Anita Baker and Whitney Houston when I was four. 

Now, I’m a degreed and trained musician with operatic and concert stage experience, but in addition to that, I perform for private events like weddings, funerals, parties, birthdays, and more. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Music Education from Winston-Salem State University and pursued my Master of Music in Vocal Performance at Wayne State University.

My musical offerings have a home base in classical music but touch on light contemporary and R&B selections as well. I have extensive experience on stage and have been engaged by local opera companies including Opera Modo, Toledo Opera, and Main Street Opera Theater. 

I have been known to enthrall and enchant audiences with my dramatic flair, sensational acting, and a golden voice. I have performed roles in many different languages and have performed in the USA, France, and Africa. 

I also run a private vocal and piano studio in Detroit, you can find more information here.

I have years of experience singing and traveling 
professionally, so hiring me is hiring a 

Custom Built 
Boutique Experience

for your needs

On-Stage Performances

I’ve debuted with the Bloomington Opera Workshop's performance of Die Zauberflöte as the Dritte Dame. I also debuted with Toledo Opera as a comprimario soloist in I Dream, an opera fusing together many musical elements and tells the story of the last thirty-six hours of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life. 

Prior to I Dream, I also performed in Detroit-based Opera Modo’s production of Maurice Ravel’s L’Enfant et les Sortilèges.

Group 54@2x.png

Now, I have a large referral base for events, 5-star reviews floating around the internet, and a business I’m wildly passionate about.

I started this business because I was tired of the “starving artist” narrative and waiting on someone else to present me with gigs and opportunities. I knew I needed to take it upon myself to share my music and voice with the world.

As a vocalist and artist, you spend a lot of money on coaching, lessons, programs, competitions, etc. in this career, and it’s almost impossible to continue without a bag of cash. 

After I graduated grad school in 2017, it became clear that I needed a job. I took job after job that sucked the joy out of me. I knew I needed to do more. I started little by little throwing any extra cash (almost none) into doing a wedding expo and surprise—I got NO gigs from that! 

But I got a whole lot more, that failed expo fueled my curiosity into business, marketing, and making my own income—a non-traditional way in this career path.

Ready to work together for your event?



I was an Alto 2 with the Renaissance Varsity Chorus. This was when I first realized singing could be a lifelong career.  

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